About the Youth Mentoring Hub


Welcome to the Youth Mentoring Hub!


The Youth Mentoring Hub provides resources to run a high quality youth mentoring program.

Many youth mentoring practitioners work in isolation, within tight schedules. There is a huge amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure mentoring relationships are successful – including complex demands such as funding, partnership and resource development.

The Youth Mentoring Hub is designed to support these practitioners, by offering expert guidance on planning and delivering safe and sustainable youth mentoring programs in Victoria.

The resources on the Hub range from formal resources such the  Quality Assurance Support Materials (a series of best practice templates), and the Mentor Training package, to more informal supports in the form of tip sheets featuring advice from the coalface.


Using the Youth Mentoring Hub


The Youth Mentoring Hub is divided into 7 topics, which will guide you through the program planning process chronologically. If you’re new to youth mentoring, you can work through the website, topic by topic, or if you’ve been running a program for a while, you can jump straight in to sections which are relevant to you.

Quality Assurance Support Resources, Quality Practice checklists and tip sheets are scattered throughout the website in their relevant sections, and are also available in their complete sets via links in the footer.



The Victorian Youth Mentoring Alliance (VYMA) was funded by the Victorian Government and philanthropy for nine years. The VYMA offered advice, training and support to youth mentoring initiatives across Victoria to ensure a high level of quality in service delivery to vulnerable young Victorians.

Due to unforseen changes in funding arrangements with the previous Victorian Government, the VYMA was forced to cease operations indefinitely in June 2014.

To continue support for youth mentoring in the absence of VYMA, the William Buckland Foundation awarded the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria (YACVic) a grant to create the Youth Mentoring Hub, which will preserve and improve access to VMYA’s wealth of resources.



The resources on the Youth Mentoring Hub reflect many hours of work by VYMA staff, in particular: Sarah Johnson, (former VYMA Executive Officer), Lauren Holst (VYMA Metropolitan Coordination Project) and Clare Waldron (VYMA Coordinator).

A huge thank you to the Youth Mentoring Hub Working Group, which provided valuable support and advice. It’s members were:

Dr Maryann Brown, Macpherson Smith Rural Foundation;
John Ernst, South Gippsland Shire Council;
Mona Ray-Greig, Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand;
David White, Ladder;
Karen Baum; Trafalgar and District Financial Services Limited;
Mark Glascodine, Diversity Recruitment and Training;
Ken Innes, Mallee Accommodation and Support Program;
Marina Power
Maria Mayors

We’d also like to acknowledge the contribution the Victorian youth mentoring sector has made to the website, through the sharing of tips advice, program profiles, videos, evaluation and research articles.


Catalina Sinclair created the Youth Mentoring Hub branding and illustrations.

The Web Monsters designed and built the website.

This project was funded by the William Buckland Foundation.


We respectfully acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land and pay respect to their elders, past and present.