Getting Started

Program Development

The planning stages of a program allow you to develop clear documentation on your target group, program aims, criteria and model.

Visit this section to access a list of tasks to help you begin planning your program, learn how to identify the unique features of your program and read advice from staff who have completed the planning process.

Funding and Partnerships

Partnerships are the key to enriching and diversifying your program through varying types of support, such as the provision of resources, knowledge or financial contribution.

In this section you will find information on securing funding, types of partnership, how to pitch your program to business, as well as a host of tools to guide you on the way.

Media and Promotion

Creating and managing your public profile is a valuable activity to promote yourself to funders, potential mentors, young people, and members of the community.

Visit this section to learn about key messaging, how to deal with the media and how to lobby your local Member of Parliament.