Funding and Partnerships

Funding and Partnerships are the key to enriching and diversifying your program through varying types of support, ie the provision of financial contribution, knowledge or resources.

In this section, you can:

  • Find tips on securing funding
  • Discover the kinds of partnerships that may be available to you.
  • Receive tips on how to pitch your program to business (and navigate challenges on the way).
  • Download self-assessment tools and checklists to focus your approach to partnership.



The following list was put together by Grant Writing Workshop participants, and includes first hand advice on how to best manage your funding search.

Tips - Funding (PDF, 70Kb)


Kinds of Partnership

This article details the kinds of partnership available to you (from school to local government), and how to make these relationships successful.

Tips - Kinds of Partership (PDF, 78Kb)


Corporate Partnerships

This resource includes tips from youth mentoring coordinators on how to communicate the benefits of youth mentoring to business, and provides solutions to common issues.

Tips and Suggestions for developing corporate partnerships (PDF, 72Kb)



Partnership Analysis Tool

This resource from VicHealth supports organisations to successfully begin or continue a partnership.

Resource - VicHealth Partnership Analysis Tool (PDF, 474Kb)

Resource - VicHealth Partnership Analysis Tool Checklist (PDF, 366Kb)


Partnership Self-Assessment Toolkit

This toolkit covers how to create, maintain and assess a successful partnership.

Resource - Anna Frearson Partnership Self Assessment Tool (PDF, 431Kb)



Partnering with Community Organisations – A Toolkit for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Whilst this publication is aimed at business, it is also a great resource for community organisations. It includes an eight-step guide, and corresponding tools and relevant case studies, to guide you through the partnership process.

Resource - Partnering with Community Organisations (PDF, 1Mb)