Making the Match

The quality of your matches is crucial for the well-being of the participants, and the success of your program. This section will guide you through considerations to make during the matching process.

On this page you can:

  • Find documents to guide your policy on the matching process.
  • Read tips on how to navigate the mentor and mentee’s busy schedules, matching diverse participants, and how to keep your mentors engaged if they are waiting to be matched or re-matched.
  • Find a checklist covering how to make a successful match.




This example policy document comes from the suite of materials created for the VYMA Quality Assurance Project. All policies are based on a fictional youth mentoring program (‘GenYZ Mentoring’). Please treat these as a starting point for your policy and adapt and change them to reflect your own program’s requirements and design.

This document will describe how to ensure a match is successful, including alignment of skills and interests, career preferences, personalities/temperaments and geographical location.

Policy and Procedure – Matching (Word, 61Kb)


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Matching young people and mentors with busy schedules

Tips from program coordinators on ways to ensure mentoring matches can stay in touch, despite hectic lifestyles.

Tips - Matching young people and mentors with busy schedules (PDF, 66Kb)


Matching diverse participants

Tips on how to begin the matching process amongst a diverse group of participants.

Tips - Matching diverse participants (PDF, 72Kb)


Encouraging Engagement

How do I keep mentors engaged when they are waiting to be matched, or when their match has been unsuccessful? (Also in Keeping People Connected)

Tips - Encouraging Engagement (PDF, 69Kb)



The following checklist is a useful guide to help assess whether you have covered all your bases.

This list is from an established set, originally printed in ‘A Guide to Effective Practice for Mentoring Young People’, 2007, Office for Youth, Department of Planning & Community Development’

Matching Process

This checklist covers ways to ensure the matching process is successful, including appropriate matching procedure and statement of understanding.

Quality Practice Checklist - The Matching Process (PDF, 54Kb)


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