Closing the Match

Closing of the Match can be a challenging time for both mentee and mentor. This section will provide you with information on how to make the transition as smooth as possible.

On this page you can:

  • Find documents to guide your policy on the closing the match.
  • Read a comprehensive report covering both program and match closure.
  • Work through the match closure checklist.


Closing of the Match

This example policy document comes from the suite of materials created for the VYMA Quality Assurance Project. All policies are based on a fictional youth mentoring program (‘GenYZ Mentoring’). Please treat these as a starting point for your policy and adapt and change them to reflect your own program’s requirements and design.

This document covers the reasons why a match may dissolve, who is able to end the match, who is to be informed and whether or not the relationship will be continued beyond mentoring.

Policy and Procedure - Closing of the Match (Word, 94Kb)

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Program and Mentoring Match Closure

This document explains in detail what needs to be considered when it comes to both program and mentoring match closure. It covers:

  • Program closure – who needs to be told, messaging and lessons to be learnt.
  • Mentoring match closure – graduating matches to friendship, referring matches to other programs and retaining newer matches.
Closure of Mentoring Programs and Matches (PDF, 336Kb)



The following checklist is a useful guide to help assess whether you have covered all your bases.

This list is from an established set, originally printed in ‘A Guide to Effective Practice for Mentoring Young People’, 2007, Office for Youth, Department of Planning & Community Development’

Closing the Match

This checklist covers aspects such as exit interviews, collecting closure information, future directions of the relationship and future participation in the program for the mentor.

Quality Practice Checklists - Closing the Match (PDF, 66Kb)

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