Match Support

Supervision and Ongoing Training

Supervision is vital to the success of mentoring matches – it ensures the match development is on track, both mentor and mentee are feeling valued, and provides opportunity to sort out any issues.

On this page you will find policy to guide your own on match support, tips on how to effectively support matches in part-time hours, a checklist and a guide on how to effectively support the mentor, mentee and match.


Keeping People Connected

Keeping your program participants connected to your program and organisation under changing circumstances can be challenging.

In this section you can find tips on how to keep mentors connected to your wider organisation, learn how to keep mentors on your waiting list engaged and learn how to keep asylum seekers engaged in mentoring as their circumstances change.


Appreciating Mentors

It is vital to ensure mentors feel appreciated, and that their personal motivations are being met when volunteering.

On this page you will find documents to guide your policy on mentor appreciation, tips on how to effectively support mentors and a comprehensive resource on how to meet mentor expectations.