Policy and Procedure – Program Management

Program policy and procedure is critical to effective management, and should reflect the unique qualities and structure of your program.

In this section you will find:

  • Example policy documents that can be used to guide the development of your own. This section focuses on Program Management.
  • Tips from program coordinators on how to get started with policy and procedure.

The following resources come from the suite of materials created for the VYMA Quality Assurance Project. All policies are based on a fictional youth mentoring program (‘GenYZ Mentoring’). Please treat these as a starting point for your policy and adapt and change them to reflect your own program’s requirements and design.

For the complete list of Quality Assurance Support Materials, please click here.




This document covers who within your program needs insurance, what to consider when purchasing insurance, and what to do in the event of a incident or accident.

Policy and Procedure - Insurance (Word, 59Kb)


Responding to Enquiries

This document covers enquiry response, including: confidentiality, who within the organisation is responsible for taking enquiries, what to ask the caller, and how to follow up.

Policy and Procedure - Responding to Enquiries (Word, 57Kb)


Privacy, Confidentiality and Record Keeping

This document details privacy laws, collection of information, disclosure of information, data security and record keeping.

Policy and Procedure - Privacy, Confidentiality and Record Keeping (Word, 63Kb)


Social Media Use

This document covers acceptable use of social media, including responsibilities of both staff and young people, and what to do when policy is breached.

Policy and Procedure - Social Media Usage



Policy – where to start?

(Also in Policies and Procedures – Young People, Mentors and Staff)

Start your policy writing process by reading these tips from program coordinators on how to approach policy development, policy writing sequence and how to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Policy and Procedure - Tips



The following checklist is a useful guide to help assess whether you have covered all your bases.

This list is from an established set, originally printed in ‘A Guide to Effective Practice for Mentoring Young People’, 2007, Office for Youth, Department of Planning & Community Development’

Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures provide clear guidelines, consistency and can serve as a blueprint for program expansion or replication. This checklist provides a list of critical policies and procedures to develop for your program.

Quality Practice Checklists - Policies and Procedures (PDF, 53Kb)