Quality Assurance Support Materials

The Quality Assurance Support Materials were created as part of the Victorian Youth Mentoring Alliance Quality Assurance Project.

These resources were developed with the sector to form best practice examples and can be downloaded and edited to suit the specific requirements of your program.

These documents are spread throughout the website, and are also available as a complete set here.

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Getting Started
Program Management
Management of Young People, Mentors and Staff
Selection and Training
Match Support

Getting Started

Program Logic

This resource will help you decide who your target group (young people and mentors) will be, as well as the setting, mode and length of your program.

Program Logic (Word, 56Kb)


Action Plan

This action plan guides you through the program planning process, including strategy, actions, responsibility and timeline for the following tasks:

1.       Program Planning, Design and Implementation

2.       Volunteer Recruitment, Orientation, Matching and Support

3.       Learning, Training and Professional Development

4.       Evaluation, Reporting and Sustainability

Action Plan (Word, 58Kb)

Program Management

Insurance (Policy and Procedure)

This policy covers which of your program participants need insurance, what to consider when purchasing insurance, and what to do in the event of a incident or accident.

Policy and Procedure - Insurance (Word, 59Kb)


Responding to Enquiries (Policy and Procedure)

This policy includes enquiry response, including: confidentiality, who within the organisation is responsible for taking enquiries, what to ask the caller, and how to follow up.

Policy and Procedure - Responding to Enquiries (Word, 57Kb)


Privacy, Confidentiality and Record Keeping (Policy and Procedure)

This document details privacy laws, collection of information, disclosure of information, data security and record keeping.

Policy and Procedure - Privacy, Confidentiality and Record Keeping (Word, 63Kb)


Social Media Use  (Policy and Procedure)

This document covers acceptable use of social media, including responsibilities of both staff and young people, and what to do when policy is breached.

Policy and Procedure - Social Media Usage

Management of Young People, Mentors and Staff

Child Safety and Duty of Care  (Policy and Procedure)

This policy example covers Working with Children Checks, National Police Checks, the reporting process, supporting and training staff in child safety and Mandatory Reporting Procedure.

Policy and Procedure - Child Safety and Duty of Care (Word, 64Kb)


Code of Conduct

This document covers expectations in terms of behaviour of both the mentor and mentee, including rights, privacy, the law and policies and procedures of the particular mentoring program.

Policy and Procedure - Code of Conduct (Word, 61Kb)


Health and Medical Consent

This document covers how to deal with a medical incident occurring during a program activity, and includes information on: consent for emergency treatment, gathering and sharing of health information and how this information is to be treated.

Policy and Procedure - Health and Medical Consent (Word, 57Kb)


Staff Support and Development

This document covers the supervision, support and development of staff – including induction, professional development opportunities and annual performance reviews.

Policy and Procedure - Staff Support and Development (Word, 60Kb)
Equal Opportunity (Policy and Procedure)

This policy example covers discrimination (direct and indirect), breach of Equal Opportunity Policy, and how to report a case of discrimination.

Policy and Procedure - Equal Opportunity (Word, 62Kb)


Grievances and Disciplinary (Policy and Procedure)

This document covers information on general grievance procedure, disciplinary procedure, disciplinary action, false complaints (victimisation) and alleged criminal conduct.

Policy and Procedure - Grievances and Disciplinary (Word, 70Kb)


Occupational Health and Safety (Policy and Procedure)

This document covers health, safety and welfare, the responsibility of program participants/staff, evacuation, first aid, responding to hazards, reporting incidents and safe workplace behaviour.

Policy and Procedure - Occupational Health and Safety (Word, 68Kb)


Dealing with Difficult Behaviours (Policy and Procedure)

This document deals with unacceptable behaviour, mentor and young person disciplinary and termination procedure and dealing with challenging behaviour.

Policy and Procedure - Dealing with Difficult Behaviours (Word, 54 Kb)


Critical Incidents (Policy and Procedure)

This document covers the definition of ‘critical incident’, responsibilities of management and the team, what to do in a critical incident and ongoing follow up response.

Policy and Procedure - Critical Incidents (Word, 63Kb)

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Eligibility (Policy and Procedure)

This document covers eligibility of program applicants, including mentees. It covers a list of requirements for potential participants, recommended procedure when somebody is not suitable, and the importance of disclosing to participants that not everyone may be accepted for the program.

Policy and Procedure – Eligibility (Word, 58Kb)


Recruitment of Mentors (Policy and Procedure)

This example policy document outlines suggestions on how to source mentors who are an appropriate fit for your program, and the young people involved.

Policy and Procedure - Recruitment of Mentors (Word, 57Kb)

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Selection and Training

Young Person Selection (Policy and Procedure)

This document provides information on how to select young people that will be suitable for your program. It covers eligibility criteria, a position description detailing requirements for young people and how to give focus to the needs of your program.

Policy and Procedure – Young Person Referral and Selection (Word, 57Kb)


Mentor Selection (Policy and Procedure)

This describes how to ensure matches are safe, appropriate and compatible and that mentors have essential checks prior to commencing mentoring. Dot points include: Police Checks, Working With Children Checks, Drivers/License check and driver history reports.

Policy and Procedure – Mentor Screening and Selection (Word, 61Kb)


Orientation (Policy and Procedure)

This example policy covers the important aspects of orientation and training for both mentors and young people, including: information and orientation sessions;, initial training and ongoing professional development.

Policy and Procedure - Orientation and Training (Word, 60Kb)

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Match Support

Matching (Policy and Procedure)

This document will describe how to ensure a match is successful, including alignment of skills and interests, career preferences, personalities/temperaments and geographical location.

Policy and Procedure – Matching (Word, 61Kb)

Closing the Match (Policy and Procedure)

This document covers the reasons why a match may dissolve, who is able to end the match, who is to be informed and whether or not the relationship will be continued beyond mentoring.

Policy and Procedure - Closing of the Match (Word, 94Kb)


Monitoring and Support (Policy)

This policy example provides guidelines on the support of mentoring matches through monthly supervision meetings. Points include: monitoring frequency of match, gaining an understanding of the quality of the mentor and addressing problems.

Policy and Procedure - Monitoring and Support (Word, 61Kb)


Resolution of Match Issues (Policy and Procedure)

This document covers policy example on what to do when issues arise, including: initial meeting to work through issue, what to do if the issue escalates and what to do if the problem can’t be resolved.

Policy and Procedure - Resolution of Match Issues (Word, 56Kb)


Recognition of mentors (Policy and Procedure)

This policy example covers how to recognise and acknowledge the contribution volunteer mentors make to the program and their community, including: feedback, participation in decision making and advising participants of the program outcomes.

Policy and Procedure - Recognition of Mentors (Word, 53Kb)


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