Recruiting Young People

This section will give you tips on how to find and engage young people that will fit well within your program.

On this page you can:

  • Find documents to guide your policy on eligibility guidelines and the recruitment of young people.
  • Find out how best to recruit young people (including those with specific criteria), using tools such as promotion and school support.
  • Access a mentee recruitment checklist to assist you in ensuring the mentors you attract are right for your program.




This example policy document comes from the suite of materials created for the VYMA Quality Assurance Project. All policies are based on a fictional youth mentoring program (‘GenYZ Mentoring’). Please treat these as a starting point for your policy and adapt and change them to reflect your own program’s requirements and design.

This document covers eligibility criteria for program applicants, including mentees. It covers a list of requirements for potential participants, recommended procedure when somebody is not suitable, and the importance of disclosing to participants that acceptance is not guaranteed.

Policy and Procedure – Eligibility (Word, 58Kb)


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Selling Mentoring to Young People

Use these ideas to positively promote your program (and mentoring in general) to young people.

Tips - Selling the Idea of Mentoring to Young People (Word, 47Kb)


Encouraging School Support

These tips will give you guidance on how best to nurture relationships with schools.

Tips - Encouraging School Support (Word, 46Kb)


Recruiting Young People with Specific Criteria

How do you recruit enough young people when they need to meet specific criteria? This document will provide some tips.

Tips - Recruiting Young People with Specific Criteria (Word, 46Kb)



The following checklist is a useful guide to help assess whether you have covered all your bases.

This list is from an established set, originally printed in ‘A Guide to Effective Practice for Mentoring Young People’, 2007, Office for Youth, Department of Planning & Community Development’

Recruitment of Mentees

This checklist covers guidelines for the selection of young people, interview procedures (and sample questions), documentation and disclaimers/waivers.

Quality Practice Checklists - Recruitment of Mentees (PDF, 277Kb)


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