Screening, Selection and Training

Mentor and Mentee Selection

This section covers steps to ensure that the participants in your mentoring program are a suitable for your program, will be committed and stand to benefit from their participation.

On this page you will find two documents to guide your policy on the selection of young people and mentors.

Mentor Training Package

This package helps programs develop the skills and knowledge of volunteer mentors so they can build strong, supportive relationships with young people. It was prepared through consultation and collaboration with members of the VYMA.

On this page you will find the complete Mentor Training Package, as well as support documentation including the Training Package background and tips for successful facilitation.


Orientation and Initial Training

Orientation is a valuable process for both mentors and young people, to prepare them to get the most out of the mentoring experience.

On this page you will find documents to guide your policy on orientation and initial training, ideas to ensure your training is suited to a diverse audience, and an orientation checklist.