Mentor and Mentee Selection

This section covers steps to ensure that the participants in your mentoring program are an ideal fit for your program, will be committed and stand to benefit from their participation.

On this page you will find two documents to guide your policy on the selection of young people and mentors.



These example policy documents come from the suite of materials created for the VYMA Quality Assurance Project. All policies are based on a fictional youth mentoring program (‘GenYZ Mentoring’). Please treat these as a starting point for your policy and adapt and change them to reflect your own program’s requirements and design.

Young Person Selection (Policy)

This document provides information on how to select young people that will be suitable for your program. It covers eligibility criteria, a position description detailing requirements for young people and how to give focus to the needs of your program.

Policy and Procedure – Young Person Referral and Selection (Word, 57Kb)


Mentor Selection (Policy)

This resource describes how to ensure matches are safe, appropriate and compatible and that mentors have essential checks prior to commencing mentoring. This includes: Police Checks, Working With Children Checks, Drivers/License check and driver history reports.

Policy and Procedure – Mentor Screening and Selection (Word, 61Kb)


For the complete list of Quality Assurance Support Materials, please click here.